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Bartek joined SMQ in June 2020 as a Solicitor specialising in Criminal and Mental Health Law. He has a wealth of experience in Criminal Law, ranging from representing clients accused of Shoplifting to Terrorism offences.

Prior to beginning his career at a small boutique firm in 2014, as a Paralegal/Police Station Representative, Bartek graduated from University with an Honours Degree in Law. Thereafter, whilst working Bartek completed his LPC/Masters in Law, achieving a Distinction.

He gained further professional experience and completed his Mental Health Accreditation in 2018, while also becoming professionally competent in Prison Law. Making him a very well rounded and accomplished Solicitor, willing and eager to fight any case.

Being a fluent Polish speaker Bartek has amassed a following from the Polish community, and beyond, given his greatest strength is being able to empathise with clients. Instilling in him the motivation rarely seen to get results for all his clients.

More recently Bartek attained his Criminal Law Accreditation and started his PhD in Law. He hopes to have his thesis and Doctorate completed by 2024, adding further knowledge and expertise to the areas he specialises in."

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