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Harbans Singh & Co
Harbans Singh & Co

Harbans Singh was called to the Bar in 1975 by the Hon'ble Society of Grays Inn and practised as a Barrister in London.

In 1980 he was admitted as an Advocate of Punjab and Haryana High Court and in 1981 he transferred to the Solicitors branch of the profession and became a partner in Solicitors firm.

Over the past 40 years he has been practising in Handsworth , Birmingham and serving the community in and around West Midlands.

Over the years he has attained extensive experience in criminal defence, property and immigration/human rights law .

Since 1988 he has also been practising as notary public , and in addition to his knowledge of Indian law, he is able to speak Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

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Solicitors Regulation Authority