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Ian Jones

Employment Lawyer

About Ian Jones

I qualified as a solicitor in 1991 and spent a number of years working in larger firms, including as a Partner and Head of Litigation. I am now Director and Principal Solicitor at Spencer Shaw Solicitors Limited. We are employment law and litigation specialists.

I founded Spencer Shaw in 2007 as I felt that clients deserved a more personal approach than large firms were offering. I believe that our clients deserve the best legal representation, and so I have built a team as committed to exceptional service as I am. Top class customer service is at the heart of everything Spencer Shaw does. I believe it is particularly important to provide excellent communication, keeping you up to date on your matter without needing to be chased, and providing transparent information about costs.

I was particularly proud of gaining Lexcel status and being described as “one of the best Lexcel-compliant law practices in the country.’

As a solicitor I use my experience and knowledge to help you make the best decision, not to assume what is best for you or dictate the outcome.

I am experienced in representing both employees and employers, in both contentious and non-contentious matters. I have represented cases all the way to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

Having said all of this, I appreciate that nothing quite compares to hearing from clients in their own words. I will finish with reviews from Paula, Marcelo and Roel, which I feel sum up what my team and I offer at Spencer Shaw:

“Ian has been an excellent advisor, he understood my situation, was so clear with his responses and what options were available to me with various consequences. I felt very reassured by his professionalism, honesty and clarity and this has helped reduce my anxiety and stress through a very difficult period. I'm very grateful and would absolutely recommend Spencer Shaw Solicitors if anyone is in an unfortunate position to need expert help and support.”

“Ian and the whole team have been essential in well managing my case. From the first time I met he has been empathic, deeply knowledgeable and competent. He explained all the details in a plain way what the clauses meant and made me trust my case was in the best possible hands.
Definitely from now on I will always connect with Spencer Shaw Solicitors for any legal support.”

“The overall experience at Spencer Shaw was excellent: professional, quick, smooth and friendly. It made the process much easier than expected. Thank you.”

Spencer Shaw Solicitors Limited

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