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Onaiza Khokhar
Onaiza Khokhar

Onaiza has over 10 years’ of experience in a range of UK inbound immigration matters for both private and corporate clients across a number of industries.

Since qualifying as a Solicitor in 2012, Onaiza has worked as an Immigration Consultant and has been committed to providing exceptional client care and immigration advice. She is able to assist with applications made from overseas for entry clearance visas for the UK. She also advises on required visa and immigration applications within the UK up until the point of obtaining British nationality.

Onaiza prides herself on exceptional standards of immigration services by advising on all options available for her clients in order for them to reach the desired outcome. She provides complete support ensuring that they are guided and updated throughout each step of the process.

Onaiza can be contacted on 020 8057 1019 or at

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