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Starck Uberoi
Starck Uberoi

Raminder heads the Property Department and his practice areas include acquisitions, sales, financing, planning, development, landlord and tenant matters and corporate-related property transactions.

He advises not only high net worth businesses and individuals but also small owner-managed businesses and new business start-ups across a wide range of industries including office industrial licensed premises, restaurants and shops. He is known for his plain speaking, quick grasp and analysis of facts and documents, knowledge and application of the law, also developing successful and practical client-focused strategies.

Raminder was featured in the Law Society’s Gazette for volunteering at an event commemorating the experiences of Sikh soldiers in the first world war. He has a keen interest in WW1 military history and volunteers with the National Army Museum in London.
He read Law both at the University of Reading and at the European Law Faculty at the University of Maastricht. Raminder has a wealth of experience in other areas including Landlord and Tenant; Licensing; Immigration and Probate. He draws on this experience to achieve tailor-made solutions for his clients’ commercial and financial needs.

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