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Nicholas Thomas

Family Lawyer

About Nicholas Thomas

Nicholas is a Director of Pearcelegal and Head of the Family and Litigation Department. He joined the firm in 2009 as a Litigation Solicitor having previously worked for a specialist litigation firm since qualification.

Specialising in Divorce and Matrimonial Finances, Nicholas has experience in acting in all types of cases from limited asset cases requiring succinct advice and action, up to multi-million pound cases requiring in-depth analysis of company assets and pension provisions. His experience in advising businesses in other areas of law lends itself to being able to consider a wide range of issues that need to be dealt with as part of dealing with matrimonial finances.

Nicholas also acts for a number of local businesses, providing general legal support in areas of debt collection, disputes and employment advice including acting for both Employers and Employees in respect of disputes, unfair and constructive dismissal claims as well as advising on settlement agreements at all levels.

Nicholas was educated at Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School in Sutton Coldfield before studying Law at Liverpool University.

Having been a Scout himself, Nicholas is now a District Commissioner supporting 17 Scout groups in ensuring young people learn those vital skills for life.

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