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Cyprian Amgbah

Immigration Lawyer

About Cyprian Amgbah

Cyprian Amgbah is an experienced Level 3 OISC accredited Immigration Consultant with over 20 years’ experience providing advice and representation in all areas of Immigration, Asylum, Human Rights Law and European Union law. He is also a qualified Barrister and Solicitor of the Nigerian Supreme Court. His appointment in May 2020 brings a strength and depth to the firm which both compliments and enhances the firm’s service offering in the field of Immigration Law.
Cyprian regularly appears at the First Tier Tribunal undertaking advocacy and litigation on behalf of clients in person on cases ranging from business immigration, entry clearance and deportation appeals. He has a particular expertise in appeals beyond first instance level at the Upper Tribunal, successfully representing clients on complex matters of evidential admissibility and leading case law.
Cyprian’s unrelenting determination to win every case is backed up by an enviable work ethic, attention to detail and rich legal knowledge.
Cyprian is a well-known speaker at immigration seminars in churches and community organisations. He runs training for people interested in qualifying as immigration advisers, and is regularly invited to speak domestically and abroad on immigration, refugee and human rights law issues.

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