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Masoud Kasim

Dispute Resolution Lawyer

About Masoud Kasim

Masoud, a Solicitor-Advocate, is the Managing Director and founding member of Ashwood Solicitors. He is also the firms Compliance Officer for Legal Practice and Financial Administration.
Masoud has over 17 years’ experience working in the legal sector, and following qualification as a Solicitor Advocate, worked at one of the leading Personal Injury firms in the North West before establishing Ashwood Solicitors in 2008.
He is experienced in a varied range of personal injury litigation as well as general Civil Litigation, with an emphasis on high value, complex matters. He acts for people who have sustained very severe life changing injuries, including claims involving very serious orthopaedic injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Masoud is renowned for having a ‘mind for the detail’ and is meticulous in his representation of his clients.
Masoud is a former Justice of the Peace, a school governor and is a keen sports enthusiast and a committed fan of Blackburn Rovers.

Ashwood Solicitors

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