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Kulraj Dassaur

Family Lawyer

About Kulraj Dassaur

Kulraj is a Director and Senior Solicitor of DSL Solicitors specialising in all aspects of Family and Immigration law. Kulraj is considered to possess outstanding qualities with a sharp mind in assessing and providing solutions to complex matters; he is excellent in client relations and ensuring they are advised appropriately to achieve their goals. Kulraj seeks to transparently advise on instructions received, aiming to provide outstanding client satisfaction. The firm is Lexcel accredited a Law Society practice quality mark for client care, compliance and practice management.

Kulraj has been a practicing lawyer since 2001 with experience spanning over 20 years. In 2009 Kulraj sought to transfer to the Rolls as a Solicitor to assist clients from first contact through to conclusion of their matters; going on to establish his own solicitor’s practice.

Formerly a Barrister in a general common law practicing from central London chambers in 11 Old Square, Lincoln’s Inn fields.

Kulraj has great experience in matters relating to a variety of client backgrounds that are vulnerable through to persons of high net worth. He is fluent in Punjabi and Hindi.

He was shortlisted and eventually winning the Excellence in Law award at business Signature Awards in 2019.

Kulraj has a love for reading, all things Cricket country walks and Clay Pidgeon shooting.

Firm Name
DSL Solicitors

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