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Adam Wright

Medical Negligence Lawyer

About Adam Wright

Adam is a highly experienced specialist Medical Negligence Solicitor, dealing only with clinical negligence claims.

Having previously worked for two of the country's leading Clinical Negligence firms (both ranked Tier 1 for Clinical Negligence), he has a wealth of knowledge and technical experience in this field. Before joining Setfords he managed a Clinical Negligence team for a firm in Leicester.

He has practical experience conducting an array of cases, varying in complexity and value.

These include:

Claims for individuals
Claims on behalf of the Estate of Deceased patients
Claims on behalf of minors
Secondary victim claims
Claims on behalf of vulnerable adults
Adam also has experience in bringing group actions where a group of patients have been harmed by the same individual. Adam was one of the leading solicitors on the very highly publicised group action involving Mr Manu Nair, a Consultant Urological Surgeon from the midlands who often appeared on TV's 'Embarrassing Bodies', and who allegedly conducted inappropriate and unnecessary procedures. There were over 100 claimants in the group action.

He has a real passion for securing justice for patients harmed by medical mistakes and is a strong advocate for patient safety. Many of his cases have been reported in the press and where he calls for lessons to be learned.

Adam's clients find him to be very understanding of their unique circumstances and he delivers complex legal advice in a very clear and concise manner.

He has recovered millions of pounds worth of damages over the course of his career to date, but some of his notable cases include:

He secured £550,000 in damages for a client who suffered a bowel injury as a result of a delay in diagnosing appendicitis. The appendix became septic and caused a cyst to form, adhering itself to the bowel. The Claimant needed emergency surgery to remove the section of bowel, which caused bile salt malabsorption, a condition where the bowels become uncontrollable. Additionally, the sepsis prevented the abdominal wall from healing properly, causing the Claimant to develop abdominal wall hernias and weakness. The Claimant’s ability to work was affected.

Successfully recovered over £12 million in damages for a young girl who suffered a hypoxic brain injury due to delays in delivering her at the time of her birth, causing quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Adam also secured damages of £80,000 for a lady who’s daughter was stillborn after the Obstetrician failed to appreciate that her past medical history meant that a vaginal delivery would be risky, and she should have been offered a caesarean section. As part of this case, Adam also secured additional damages so that the Claimant could go through IVF privately, as her stillborn daughter had been conceived using the couple’s last NHS IVF attempt.

Adam has worked closely with organisations such as AvMA (Action Against Medical Accidents), APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers), SIA (Spinal Injuries Association), SCIL (Society of Clinical Injury Lawyers), Headway UK and Headway Rutland & Leicestershire. He is also a committee member of The Leicestershire Medico-Legal Society.

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