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Philip Nam

Dispute Resolution Lawyer

About Philip Nam

I'm Philip Nam. I'm a lawyer that deals with civil and commercial litigation and disputes. I am also a Court advocate and mediator (with certification to carry out online mediation). I hold Specialist Paralegal Qualifications and other qualifications through the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.

My LinkedIn profile is

My firm is called White Collar Legal. We are a specialist paralegal law firm. In many cases we
are considerably more knowledgeable than many high street solicitor practices (proven by the
fact that there are solicitors who employ us to advise them and run their cases).

We have reviews on TrustPilot ( I also have some presentations on YouTube.

My services include litigation, mediation and arbitration services so whatever the dispute, we can aim to resolve it.

Our fees are up to 67% lower than a typical high street solicitor which means we can offer an affordable legal services solution.

I am a member of the Institute of Paralegals and I am regulated by the Professional Paralegal Register.

I also offer appointments online at where you can also see my charges and rates in a transparent manner (I hope)

My clients include:
* members of the public who have tried to deal with the legal dispute themselves and may have fallen foul of the complex legal rules

  • business owners who want to concentrate on their business and don't have time to deal with legal disputes

  • other clients who have tried solicitors and those solicitors are focused more on profits than service

  • solicitors and other law service providers who may want to outsource their services

If a legal case requires a full solicitor service, we can also offer this to all clients and still save you money on solicitor fees, with continuity of service.

Firm Name
White Collar Legal

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