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Allan Argue

Personal Injury Lawyer

About Allan Argue

Argue & Co Legal was established in 2020 by Managing Partner, Allan Argue (pictured). Allan previously worked for one of Scotland’s leading personal injury and employment law specialists, and thereafter moved to one of the U.K’s largest personal injury firms; where he formed part of the firm’s Scottish Management Team.

In Allan’s opinion, big firms tend to have big running costs, which often means solicitors and fee earners have hundreds of clients and focus on statistics and fee targets. Allan’s vision for Argue & Co Legal is to establish a small firm, with small running costs and small client numbers; enabling the firm to focus on providing its clients with a first class service, as opposed to focusing on statistics and fee targets.

As a result of Allan’s vision, we are a client focused law firm offering expert legal advice in a down-to-earth and friendly manner. We are experts at what we do, and we are, by design, a small firm. We keep our client numbers low to ensure that we deliver a quality service, personalised to each individual.

Firm Name
Argue & Co Legal

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