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Hassan Ansari

Personal Injury Lawyer

About Hassan Ansari

Whether its products or services people buy from people”

I learnt this whilst working on a market stall with my Dad, you market your products and when you have a customer you explain its benefits and then close the sale. I was caught by the sales and marketing bug! At school I bought and sold everything from pens to umbrellas. In the early 90’s I had a mobile phone business which helped finance my education at college and university.

I switched gears to Law and on the road to qualifying as a solicitor I stopped off to develop accident and claims management businesses.

I have worked exclusively in the personal injury sector and I have successfully negotiated and handled pre-litigation settlements with often complex contentious issues.

When settlements are not possible pre-litigation I can provide strong and decisive advocacy and protect my client’s interests. My experience has enabled me to navigate clients through the complex legal process with clarity and compassion.

I believe that my background in sales and legal training has provided me with a refined skillset and “strategic customer-centric mindfulness” that enables businesses to innovate and thrive.

I am lifelong learner and I consistently learn to hone both my legal and business skills. I have completed leadership Management Training with Lancaster University and recently earned Higher Rights in the Civil Courts.

My specialities

• Marketing and brand strategy
• Growing start up businesses
• Management strategy
• Customer, partner and client relations.
• Legal research and analysis
• Dispute resolution
• Advocacy

I enjoy training at the gym, travelling and watching Netflix in my pyjamas. I also love talking about business ideas and developing them, so if you ever want to bounce ideas off me; please feel free to contact me:

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