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Alec Hancock | Consultant CILEX Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

About Alec Hancock | Consultant CILEX Lawyer

I am a Consultant Personal Injury Lawyer and I act for clients who are seeking compensation for the personal injury they have suffered. I act for client all across England & Wales in various claims such accidents at work, accidents in public and holiday sickness claims.

I’ve been acting for personal injury clients for over eight years and have been working in the legal sector for ten years.

Your claim will be carried out through a regulated law firm on a no win, no fee basis.


-----Practice Areas-----

I have, and continue to act for clients, on more than just holiday sickness and accident at work personal injury claims. I have significant experience in:-

Accidents at Work claims
-Slip or trip at work
-Dangerous/defective work equipment
-Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
-Assault at work
-Fall from height
-Inadequate training or incompetent colleagues
-Manual handling injury
-Construction site

Accidents in Public claims
-Trip on the highway/potholes
-Slip in supermarkets/shops
-Injury to faulty gym equipment

Injuries caused by animals claims
-Dog bite injuries
-Injury by horses

Product liability claims

Food poisoning claims

Holiday sickness claims

I also have experience in road traffic accident claims, data breach compensation claims and contractual dispute/debt recovery claims.

-----Experience -----

Between December 2011 and July 2018 I worked in a law firm who solely conducted personal injury claims. From April 2013 and onwards I had conduct of over 100 claims at any given time. All of these claims were contested and were litigated through the Courts. Once I qualified as a CILEX Lawyer I wanted to become self employed. I realised that to give my clients the best possible service, I needed to be able to have fewer cases (this was before I had seen Jerry Maguire with his "mission statement") so I became a self employed consultant.

Most consultants are ex-partners of big law firms or those who are retired but want to continue doing some work. For me, being a consultant means my clients get the proper service they deserve.

In March 2021 I received additional qualification from CILEX that allows me the right to appear in open Court in all County Court matters involving Civil Litigation (everything other than family matters). I appear in Court regularly, via an advocacy provider, for other law firms and their client, including:-

-debt recovery
-contractual disputes
-data breach claims
-personal injury including road traffic accidents

My experience is not just preparing cases for trial, but appearing in court for my client at trial.


University of Plymouth - History (BA) 2:1 - final dissertation: Cholera Epidemic in Exert in 1832 2007-2010

CILEX Law School - Level 3 and Level 6 - 2011-2016

CILEX Lawyer (Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives) October 2017

CILEX Litigation and Advocacy rights (Civil Proceedings) March 2021


"I had the pleasure of dealing with Alec who was supportive, gave clear and logical advice and helped us through a case that was long and very drawn out. It was Alec that gave us the confidence to see it through to it successful conclusion. Great service." - Mr David Gettins via MJW Law Limited

"Alec is a meticulous and diligent litigator. He combines pragmatism with a keen pursuit of his client's interests. It was a pleasure to work with Alec on a particularly tricky saga relating to relief from sanctions caused by failures of a different fee earner. It was Alec's hard work that gave his clients the best chance of obtaining relief. I would highly recommend Alec" - Gareth-Lee Smith - Barrister at Clerksroom

Firm Name
Consultant Lawyer at MJW Law Limited

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