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Richard Gray

Tax Lawyer

About Richard Gray

Taxation of Busnisses is one of the specilaist areas we cater for at Elysium Law.. We have direct clients but most come from referal work from accountants. The Corporate Tax advice werovide is specifacly client centric. There is simply no one size fits all service. We are happy to discuss tax issues with you.

Elysium is a small, focussed firm, specialising in Professional Negligence, Tax and Company services. We have litigation privileges and work with senior Counsel and tax specialists from around the country.

Our Tax department provides a range of services both to the individual and company. Elysium represents clients with HMRC investigations, as well as advising individuals and companies with respect to company sales, restructuring and mitigating unnecessary tax charges. We provide practical, equitable and transparent planning to help individuals pass on their estate in the most efficient manner and spend a lot of time assisting individuals, partnerships and companies with respect to their property portfolios.

Firm Name
Elysium Law

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